Seasonal Espresso - Marcala, Honduras
Seasonal Espresso - Marcala, Honduras
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Seasonal Espresso - Marcala, Honduras

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    Roasted to bring out caramelised notes, this lovely coffee from Honduras is great on its own and goes equally well with milk.

    Fully Washed

    Catuai, Caturra & Bourbon

    1200 - 1650 m.a.s.l.

    Tasting notes
    Dark Berries - Golden Syrup - Chocolate



    Located in the South West of Honduras, Marcala is a municipality known for coffee production, boasting the first "protected origin denomination".

    Marcala is home to the Lenca, an indigenous people who consider local mountains and hills as holy places. The Lenca live mainly off the produce of their land, and so coffee production is deeply entwined with these traditional beliefs and sense of community. Land is held as communal 'property' and all members of the community participate in communal efforts. As well as coffee, the Lenca people grow other crops like cacao, tobacco, plantains and gourds.




    The carbon footprint from this coffee's journey has been offset twice.
    This includes boiling your kettle to brew it.

    The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

    Delivery is free.

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