Las Frutas Fully Washed, Colombia
Las Frutas Fully Washed, Colombia
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Las Frutas Fully Washed, Colombia

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    Pleasing, complex acidity, with sweet finish and syrupy body.
    An excellent example of a washed Colombian!

    Fully Washed & Sun-dried

    Caturra & Colombia

    1700 - 2200 m.a.s.l.

    Tasting notes
    Pineapple - Sugar Cane - Syrup



    Coffee is synonymous with Colombia. The history of the nation and the commodity have been intertwined even before the first major production boom in the 1870s. Around 550,000 Colombian families live off coffee. Production in Colombia is predominantly in the hands of small holders who process their own crops.
    Nariño is one of Colombia’s 20 coffee-growing departments. Bordering Ecuador in the very South West of Colombia, it is home to the highest grown coffee in the country. The higher the coffee grows, the more slowly it matures and the more complex the cup profiles are. Nariño’s topography and its deep valleys make it a real challenge to grow coffee - or any other crop! Most of the farms in Nariño are 1 hectare or less and coffee represents 90% or more of the income. This coffee is made up from 65 producers on higher altitude farms, which comes through in more complex acidity and floral tones.




    The carbon footprint from this coffee's journey has been offset twice.
    This includes boiling your kettle to brew it.

    The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

    Bike delivery or postage is included.

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